NCBCC Connections

*NextStop is on nearly 4000 URL’s and Major Press reaching millions as a result of Hosting a NCBCC event! Event Live Globally featuring Band Clazz “Jazz Duo”, Internationally known DJ Smooth Jazz and Josephus The Poet on the DJ Smooth Jazz Show. Award Winning Shoe Crazy Wine (as seen on Shark Tank) collaborating with Harlem Craft Beer featured. 3 Businesses Won Free Global Advertising for 1

Month: Aggie Realty Partners, Purpose Productions, Moremy Creations.

*Dudley assisting Business with a $5 Million dollar project.

*Bill Hubbard assisting Business with a $30 Million dollar project.

*Formed Economic collaborations with Millionaire Club, MasterMind Group, Dudley Eagles and National Pan-Hellenic Council (Divine 9). 

*NCBCC Marketing Paraphernalia Donations from Wrenchel Stokes and N.C. A&T State University Homecoming bringing THOUSANDS in attendance (collaboration with Still Moon and Flow Mini)!

*In-Kind Donations Develop CoWorking, Jeremy Nelms, Simply Soul, DJ Smooth Jazz, Shoe Crazy Wine, Band Clazz, Boston’s House of Jazz, Jewelry Glam, and Flow Cadillac!

*Preferred Buck’s Landscaping, Inc. has received offers for major contracts for being a member of NCBCC!

*Celeste Leeper is now expanding her business to Legal Services Jan. 9, 2020 as a result of NCBCC!

*Formed Volunteer Collaborations and Services to WRLP (Welfare Reform Liaison Project) and N.C. A&T State University November 2019!

*Formed Service Collaborations SBC (Small Business Center)

and Travel Holics, LLC. November 2019!

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